The Librarian in the House: Who, me? A blogger?

Starting this blog is on the top of my list of things I never thought I would do.  Here are some others, and the reality. Somebody pinch me! My cup runneth over.

I never thought I would…

Get married. 

After many years of singlehood, I met my soulmate, an irrepressible bibliophile as well, on eharmony in January 2010.  We married 15 months later at our local library.  A storybook wedding if there ever was one!

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Have a baby.

My first Bookworm in Training was born in February 2013.

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Have another baby.

Baby Bookworm #2 was born in December 2014.  My two boys are 22 months apart. Yes, I have my hands full (as I’ve heard so very many times from sweet strangers at the grocery store), but my heart is even fuller!

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Resign from my job.

I had an amazing job as an elementary school librarian in the town I grew up in. I loved working with kids, watching them grow as readers, inspiring them with new books, and being the literacy cheerleader in the school. Maybe I will go back to it one day, but for now I am relishing the opportunity to be a SAHM. Turns out I get to use my library wizarding skills daily after all, just with a much smaller audience.

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Start a blog.

I love reading blogs but never thought I’d author one. I’ve decided to add my voice and my perspective. My goal is to inspire a love of reading for littles and the grown-ups in their lives. On these pages you will find what has worked for me, in my house, with my kids. May you find some inspiration as reading cheerleader for your own kiddos!

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One thought on “The Librarian in the House: Who, me? A blogger?

  • Chels

    I LOVE this!!! I can’t believe there’s so many things I didn’t know about you! I want to see those wedding pics. – who knew?! Amazing lol!!