2017: My Word and What I’m Cooking Up {New Series Announcement!}

I’m not sure when the trend to center your year around a single word popped up. Maybe it’s not a trend any more– I’m usually a little late to those parties (wait, leggings are a thing again?!)  I’ve always had a curious interest in the idea but never was able to focus myself on a single word.

This year I had no such trouble. Although I consulted the thesaurus to be sure I had the right nuance and wasn’t neglecting a more accurate word, I settled very quickly on my word for 2017: consistent. (I considered the word steadfast and the phrase “a long obedience in the same direction,” in case you were wondering.)

(This photo-turned-phone-lock-screen is from one of our fall family “hikes” i.e. meandering walks in the woods with little people; it’s a great memory for me from that day, and also a reminder to take baby steps in the right direction. Before kids I was a 100% climate controlled kinda gal. But little by little I’ve embraced accepted the bugs and dirt and now actually enjoy being outside. The term great outdoors is no longer lost on me. Oh, and the book Balanced and Barefoot: How Unrestricted Outdoor Play Makes for Strong, Confident, and Capable Children (affl.) was hugely influential, if you’re looking for a recommendation. Sorry, can’t turn it off. #alwaysalibrarian)

I’m in a season where I need to set about working diligently toward the goals I’ve made. Too often my downfall is follow through.  I’m easily overwhelmed by choices, and I let perfection be my enemy.

And so, I am putting the word consistent before myself as a reminder to stay the course.

Successful people do consistently what normal people do occasionally

This means that I embrace the smaller windows of time for reading aloud, knowing that those minutes add up. If I keep at it, those extra 15 minutes of reading time can build into 90 hours in a year. That one extra book can multiply to 152 books by the first day of Summer.  (#itscoming #slowlybutsurely)

This means that rather than floundering to find the perfect chapter book to read next, we read one of the many that are outstanding and very well could be just what we need next. And if it’s not a good fit, we set it aside and try again.

This means that rather than questioning the curricula I’ve chosen for our homeschool— taking my eyes off of my lane and comparing on Pinterest and Instagram– I work diligently each day on the tasks in front of us. I trust my previous meticulous research and see it through. I assess at my already determined stopping points (6-8 weeks), not every. single. day. (Or every single time I log onto social media.)

 And this means that it’s time to get moving on the blog post series that’s been in my drafts bin since Toddler Bookworm was Baby Bookworm! Ack! I’ve felt so intimidated by this series and it’s caused a serious logjam.  I want to make sure it’s thoroughly researched and solidly crafted.  The grand vision is to systematically explore the entire picture book collection, shelf by shelf. I want to expose my kids to the canon of children’s literature, including classics and fresh new titles alike.

picture book tour new series

It feels like a monumental undertaking, and it is…. but with my mantra in place, I am going to consistently power through! We will immerse ourselves in a shelf a week, and I’ll share the gems we unearth. I haven’t worked out the formatting and I’m certain it will evolve along with the series. BUT, it’s coming! I’m going to publish that baby! And better yet, I will consistently, diligently, faithfully build our home to be a literacy rich place, brimming with the good, true, and beautiful.

See you soon!

Have you focused your year on a word? I’d love to hear what that experience was like, and what your word is! Connect with me on the blog facebook page or Instagram, or in the comments below!

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