Librarian in the House

Favorite Books for Four Year Olds

What a year of reading! As we wrap up our fifth year of reading together, I asked Preschool Bookworm to look over our log of books we’ve read while he was four and choose his favorites. As any true bookworm would, he had a lot of trouble with this assignment! […]

Corduroy Birthday Party {Bookish Birthdays}

Toddler Bookworm’s favorite stuffed animal is adorably named “Cordy Roy,” also known as Corduroy. When I suggested having a Corduroy themed birthday party, he was ALL IN.  Even though it was basically a play date with cake and presents, I designed an invitation. For fun 🙂 I included the text […]

Monthly Book Log {January 2018}

January is finally over. Longest month ever. We filled the long, gray days of January with some lovely books, but we are all excited for February! Preschool Bookworm turns 5 next week, a week before Valentine’s Day. I’m preparing a post of favorite 4 year old reads, thanks to the […]

Closet Reading Nook Transformation {Nature Theme}

In a series of oddly related events, including installing a brand new roof on our home, we ended up transforming Preschool Bookworm’s closet into a reading nook as his “big” Christmas gift this year. It was the most magical gift I’ve ever given and based on current stats, likely to […]

Glorious “G” Authors {Picture Book Tour}

When I started out on the picture book tour idea, I thought it might take us about two years. Well, as it turns out it’s been a year and we’ve made it through the first seven stops. Insert #slowclap here. Not exactly moving at a dizzying pace it may seem. […]

Resolving to Read: Tips for Reading More This Year

I’ve entered the golden age of reading. I haven’t read this much since I was nursing my first baby (for approximately 2000 minutes per week. Yes, I tracked it in an app. #typeAmama) Truth be told, I’ve had time in the four years that followed (Baby #1 is about to […]

Monthly Book Log {November & December 2017}

I will always hold dear the memories of snuggling up with 4 year old Preschool Bookworm and reading our first Christmas novels together. We have read piles and piles of Christmas picture books, and this year we were ready for chapters. Tumtum & Nutmeg novels never disappoint, and I was so impressed […]

Last Year’s Gifts We’re Still Using

The elusive gift with staying power. I know I’m always searching for it, so I thought I would share gifts from last year that we’re still using. My bookworms are now about to turn 3 and 5 (in the next week and two months, respectively), so our gifts come in […]

The Moon {Obsession, Meet Book series}

Truth be told, this obsession has passed in my household, but we have rekindled the topic this week as we prepare for the harvest moon. It’s been fun pulling out all the old stops from Toddler Bookworm’s obsession period. We’ve added in some new titles as well, and the Bookworms […]

Monthly Book Log Blog {September 2017}

Our log looks lopsided this month. I don’t mind. We’re enjoying so many wonderful stories together. We are in a nighttime routine of reading chapter books together after a picture book or two with little brother. Annd, Preschool Bookworm reads a story TO ME from our delightful All About Reading […]

Nature Pal Exchange- Our Experience & How to Sign Up

Last Fall my bookworms and I participated in a fabulous little program called Nature Pal Exchange. We were paired up with a family across the country, and we each prepared a box full of nature finds from our area and swapped them through the mail. Ever since reading Balanced and […]

Monthly Book Log Blog {August 2017}

This month we primarily worked our way through a book in two formats– audio and hardcover, Tumtum and Nutmeg. We haven’t tried this with a chapter book before, and it worked out reasonably enough. The audiobook was an old school CD, not audible, etc, which meant that each track was […]

Organizing Our Home Library. Again.

It’s been almost a year and a half since I last KonMaried my book collection. A lot can happen in a year and a half. Like, 10 library book sales, half a dozen birthdays and holidays, and rapid maturation of bookworm reading interests. This all added up to a home […]

Cataloging Our Home Library: Why and How

I fully recognize that this post puts me in a whole other category of crazy. Type A librarian run amok. This week I cataloged my (children’s book) home library. I was due for a massive overhaul of our book collection anyhow, so I combined the need to sort and purge […]