Bookworm Bingo FREE Printable! Infusing Literacy into Our Resolutions

Happy New Year, my dear readers! Ah, January. As far as I can tell, there are two camps when it comes to our relationships with the first month of the year– at least that’s the case in my house. I typically feel the holiday letdown. All the excitement is behind and the winter doldrums set in. Although I took our Christmas tree down on 12/28, I put up a “transitional tree” to ease into the sparkle-free season. (357 days till Christmas!)

On the other hand, my husband is energized by the new year– the freshness, goal setting, opportunities for personal growth. He helped me understand the depth of his feelings by explaining, “You know how excited you feel about Christmas? Well that’s how I feel about the new year.” Wow. So, this year, I have been a bit more resolute as I’ve welcomed January. (Isn’t marriage great at offering new perspectives?)

Hence, my very first FREE printable for you all, Bookworm Bingo! If, like me, you’re looking for some fresh ideas to bring new life to your efforts to infuse literacy in your home, my hope is that Bookworm Bingo will inspire you!

Set the goal that fits your family. We will aim to complete 10 items (especially because we are working on one-to-one correspondence up to 10, and it also gives us some room for growth in the coming months, i.e. “Let’s see if we can do 12 next month!”). Preschool Bookworm is really into stickers right now (that’s all he actually asked for for Christmas), so we will use these see-through dot stickers to celebrate each accomplishment. I’ve never been a big sticker reward chart fan (although with potty training looming on the horizon, I may change my tune). We may celebrate with “Wow! We did it! I’m so proud of our accomplishment! We worked hard and we had fun!” Or, maybe we’ll celebrate by staying up a few minutes late to read extra stories, or letting Preschool Bookworm pick an audiobook to listen to in the car, or a family outing to the library with daddy (everything is more special with daddy).

You can download the printable in PDF format here. I’d love to hear how it works out for your family! What tweaks can I make for February to further inspire you to infuse literacy into life with your little bookworms?

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