Age 0-1

Fabulous “F” Authors {Picture Book Tour}

In one of the libraries that we frequent, we have now rounded the corner to a new bookshelf with the passing of the “F” section! We’ve discovered some fabulous books on this stop! I hope you find some new gems for your bookworms in this roundup of our favorites by […]

Berry Good Books {Picture Books to Pair with Berries!}

Is there anything sweeter than a fresh picked berry? How about pairing a berry with a sweet story? My bookworms and I went strawberry picking this past weekend, and we’ve been savoring these titles while munching on our berries. We rarely eat a meal (or a snack) without reading at […]

Action Rhymes: There’s More to Literacy than Books

A friend was asking about the action rhymes I mentioned on the blog. To which I said, “When did I talk about them?!” I’ve officially been blogging long enough that I’ve forgotten what I’ve written in the past. Actually, that milestone probably came a looong time ago (see also: mommy brain). […]

Fire Truck Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers {Obsession, Meet Book series}

I suspect that every person who has spent time with a young child can attest to the depth of emotion that a beloved object or topic can evoke: Squeals of pure delight at the sight of the moon. Refusal to nap until the beloved trash truck rounds the corner. Super […]

Picture Book Tour: A to Z Don’t Miss These {“B” Authors}

I’m striking while the iron is hot! Don’t expect these posts to come in quite this pace throughout the remaining 24 letters of the alphabet! If you’re just joining, I’ve begun a shelf-by-shelf tour of the picture book section as a way to systematically expose my kids to the canon […]

Christmas Books for a Two Minute Attention Span

Combine my high standards with Toddler Bookworm’s attention span, and you know the books that make our cut are pretty unique! When it comes to holiday books (Christmas or any other), I have little patience for books that seem like a marketing ploy. Regardless of the season, I look for […]

[Loving These Lately] Lawn Mowers, Spirituals, Homeschooling & Hilarity

It’s been an eclectic group of books that’s been getting the most love in our house lately, as you can tell from this post’s title! This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for supporting Librarian in the House! McToad Mows Tiny Island by Tom Angleberger. (Toddler, Preschool, Early Elementary) My boys […]

Loving These Lately: Board Books, Picture Books, and Audiobooks, Oh My!

  While our library checkouts have been smaller in number lately, their readings have made up for it! We’ve been wearing the bindings on these with repeat readings at all hours of the day! The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear by Don & Audrey […]

Our Summer Bucket List, Booked Up

I just LOVE bucket lists! Actually, I love all sorts of lists. I imagine no one is shocked by this fact. (A librarian who loves lists?! How can this be?!) Bucket lists are a special breed. I make them at the start of every season. They’re full of hope, promise, […]

Librarian on the Road: Packing for Literacy with Littles

I don’t travel well. I suffer from a bad case of over packing. Doomsday Preppers meets Type A mom of two. When Preschool Bookworm was a baby, he cried hysterically on every single car trip, short or long, for the first six months of his life. I don’t think I’ve […]

Baby Sign Language: Practical Tips for Introducing Sign Language {Part 6}

We’ve talked about the why (research), the what (resources), and the when (with babies and with toddlers) of using baby sign language. Today we’ll tackle the how, the practical side of introducing new signs to your Bookworm.  Once you’ve selected a handful of signs you think will be most useful to you […]

Baby Sign Language: and Toddler Signers Too {Part 5}

While I focused on signing with young babies in last week’s post, today I will share tips for beginning with older babies and toddlers. If you’re jumping into signing with a baby or toddler who is already speaking a few words (or even more), you’ll likely get to experience the fruits of […]

Baby Sign Language: How to Get Started with Itty Bitty Signers {Part 4}

Welcome to Part 4 of my baby sign language series! So far I’ve shared a bit of my experience signing with my two boys (aka why we love sign!), what research shows about its benefits, and the resource gems I’ve come across (books, videos, apps, and online dictionaries). Today I have for you […]

Baby Sign Language: Resources for Kiddos {Part 3}

Thanks for joining me for Week 3 of my Baby Sign Language series! So far I’ve shared a bit of my experience signing with my two boys (aka why we love sign!) and what research shows about its benefits. Today I’m digging into the gems we’ve come across for kiddos relating to […]

Baby Sign Language: What Research Says & Resources for Grown Ups {Part 2}

To be honest, this post intimidates me! The research on baby signing is difficult to pare down into a tidy little blog post! My audience is the everyday family who is curious about using sign language with their little ones. I’ll point you to the best resources, as is my […]