Age 3-5

Favorite Books for Four Year Olds

What a year of reading! As we wrap up our fifth year of reading together, I asked Preschool Bookworm to look over our log of books we’ve read while he was four and choose his favorites. As any true bookworm would, he had a lot of trouble with this assignment! […]

Last Year’s Gifts We’re Still Using

The elusive gift with staying power. I know I’m always searching for it, so I thought I would share gifts from last year that we’re still using. My bookworms are now about to turn 3 and 5 (in the next week and two months, respectively), so our gifts come in […]

The Moon {Obsession, Meet Book series}

Truth be told, this obsession has passed in my household, but we have rekindled the topic this week as we prepare for the harvest moon. It’s been fun pulling out all the old stops from Toddler Bookworm’s obsession period. We’ve added in some new titles as well, and the Bookworms […]

It’s Natural: Nature Books for Kids

The “great” outdoors used to be a term that was lost on me. Kids change you. I now schedule our weeks with intentional outdoor time– whether exploring new hiking trails, seeking out nature classes, or just leaving margin in our days for time lingering out of doors. We adore dining […]

Homeschool Preschool: Our Plan for PreK {Age 4-5}

Lump in my throat as I type that title, guys. Age 5?! I’m squarely in the “where has the time gone?” stage of motherhood. Armed with that perspective, here is our plan for this upcoming school year: Savor the time. Cultivate a life full of rich experiences. Laugh. Dance. Explore. […]

Fabulous “F” Authors {Picture Book Tour}

In one of the libraries that we frequent, we have now rounded the corner to a new bookshelf with the passing of the “F” section! We’ve discovered some fabulous books on this stop! I hope you find some new gems for your bookworms in this roundup of our favorites by […]

Our Homeschool Preschool {Age 3-4}

I didn’t choose to homeschool for myself, the teacher. I chose it for my student, my son. And truly he is thriving. He has blossomed this year. But, surprisingly enough I am thriving, too. I think I’ve done a bit of blossoming myself. I could write volumes on my own […]

Our Year of Playing Skillfully {Homeschool Preschool Curriculum}

I can’t remember how I happened upon the book The Homegrown Preschooler. (It’s highly likely I was browsing the library shelves.)  But in any case, that chance meeting has profoundly impacted our family. I recall crying as I read through the first chapter, “Harvesting a Bountiful Life,” feeling that I had […]

Monthly Book Log Blog {May}

We are in an incredibly sweet spot of reading with our bookworms (ages 4 and 2.5). It’s equal partnership now– me introducing books, and their requesting books to read. It’s our family culture and we are never without a bookmark in some chapter book, an audiobook in process, and a […]

Berry Good Books {Picture Books to Pair with Berries!}

Is there anything sweeter than a fresh picked berry? How about pairing a berry with a sweet story? My bookworms and I went strawberry picking this past weekend, and we’ve been savoring these titles while munching on our berries. We rarely eat a meal (or a snack) without reading at […]

Picture Book Tour: Excellent “E” Authors

We’re moving right along in our picture book tour! While the “E” sections of the libraries that we frequent contain fewer titles, they are home to some heavy hitters! My bookworms and I have been kept quite busy with the eight authors I’m recommending.  We’ve revisited so many books that […]

Rainy Reads: 10 Picture Books for Rainy Days

The wet days of early Spring have given us ample opportunities to pull out our rain boots and splash in the puddles, search for worms, and hope for a glimpse of a rainbow… and of course READ lots of rain inspired stories. Below are our favorite rainy reads! Thundercake by […]

Delectable “D” Authors {Picture Book Tour}

The “D” shelves are filled with delectable choices for your bookworms! Although it’s a huge undertaking, I am so glad that I decided to take on this “picture book tour” project! Exploring each area has reminded me of titles I have overlooked in my bookworms’ reading exposure. For example: Jamberry! It would […]

Opening Day for Bookworms and Baseball Fans

It’s baseball’s opening day! We aren’t big sportsing people in the Bookworm home. My own sportsing dialogue would sound something like this: But baseball’s opening day has a specialness about it. It screams SPRING is here! And, since I’ve found a bookish way to celebrate it each year, I’ve grown […]

Picture Book Tour: A to Z Don’t Miss These {“C” Authors}

Despite the lag time since I published my “B” list, I have just a handful of “C” authors to recommend. I’ll let you practice your powers of inference along with assurance that we haven’t neglected reading the last many weeks… Sigh. (My poor bookworms. Learning the art of analysis early.) […]