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It’s Natural: Nature Books for Kids

The “great” outdoors used to be a term that was lost on me. Kids change you. I now schedule our weeks with intentional outdoor time– whether exploring new hiking trails, seeking out nature classes, or just leaving margin in our days for time lingering out of doors. We adore dining […]

Fabulous “F” Authors {Picture Book Tour}

In one of the libraries that we frequent, we have now rounded the corner to a new bookshelf with the passing of the “F” section! We’ve discovered some fabulous books on this stop! I hope you find some new gems for your bookworms in this roundup of our favorites by […]

Delectable “D” Authors {Picture Book Tour}

The “D” shelves are filled with delectable choices for your bookworms! Although it’s a huge undertaking, I am so glad that I decided to take on this “picture book tour” project! Exploring each area has reminded me of titles I have overlooked in my bookworms’ reading exposure. For example: Jamberry! It would […]

Opening Day for Bookworms and Baseball Fans

It’s baseball’s opening day! We aren’t big sportsing people in the Bookworm home. My own sportsing dialogue would sound something like this: But baseball’s opening day has a specialness about it. It screams SPRING is here! And, since I’ve found a bookish way to celebrate it each year, I’ve grown […]

Picture Book Tour: A to Z Don’t Miss These {“C” Authors}

Despite the lag time since I published my “B” list, I have just a handful of “C” authors to recommend. I’ll let you practice your powers of inference along with assurance that we haven’t neglected reading the last many weeks… Sigh. (My poor bookworms. Learning the art of analysis early.) […]

Oceanography & Scuba Diving Books {Obsession, Meet Book Series}

“Divers! Divers! Divers!” This refrain has been endlessly repeated in my home over the past 3+ months by Toddler Bookworm, and also about two years ago for a long period of time when Preschool Bookworm was the exact same age. This obsession may be a special niche, but it has […]

Fire Truck Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers {Obsession, Meet Book series}

I suspect that every person who has spent time with a young child can attest to the depth of emotion that a beloved object or topic can evoke: Squeals of pure delight at the sight of the moon. Refusal to nap until the beloved trash truck rounds the corner. Super […]

Picture Book Tour: A to Z Don’t Miss These {“B” Authors}

I’m striking while the iron is hot! Don’t expect these posts to come in quite this pace throughout the remaining 24 letters of the alphabet! If you’re just joining, I’ve begun a shelf-by-shelf tour of the picture book section as a way to systematically expose my kids to the canon […]

Picture Book Tour: A to Z Don’t Miss These {“A” Authors}

Ever feel intimidated by selecting a book for your bookworm? Find yourself wandering aimlessly through the library? Wish you had a tour guide who had tested those books with REAL kids? You’ve come to the right place! In this 26 part series (ahh!), I’ll be sharing only the very best […]

Visual Feasts for the Kitchen Table, or Easel Worthy Titles

Our family was gifted a perfect bookworm friendly gift this year for Christmas– a wooden book easel. I think it may become our most used gift of the year, and I’ve quickly begun to wonder why we didn’t have one sooner! So simple and yet it’s infused our home with […]

Christmas Books with Meat on the Bones

To balance out my Christmas Books for a Two Minute Attention Span, I present to you Christmas Books with Meat on the Bones!  These books have plenty of fodder for conversation about the many themes that Christmas stories lend themselves to: family, generosity, community, bravery, hope, compassion. Most of these […]

Cracking The Nutcracker: What We’re Reading Before We Watch

Confession: I’ve never been to a performance of The Nutcracker! Since Preschool Bookworm is such a fan of the orchestra, I thought we’d give The Nutcracker ballet a shot this year. We’ve been listening to Tchaikovsky’s music, and it’s become familiar enough that PB now has favorite songs from the […]

Fall Faves: A Short List Slightly Expanded

Now that I’ve been blogging over a year, it’s fun to look back on posts from one year ago and reminisce. Like Timehop, but bookish. We have been enjoying last year’s Fall Faves once again this year, and we’ve come across a few more that I’d add to my (very […]

[Loving These Lately] Lawn Mowers, Spirituals, Homeschooling & Hilarity

It’s been an eclectic group of books that’s been getting the most love in our house lately, as you can tell from this post’s title! This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for supporting Librarian in the House! McToad Mows Tiny Island by Tom Angleberger. (Toddler, Preschool, Early Elementary) My boys […]

New Sibling Books that Don’t Borrow Trouble

When I became a sister, I was the happiest girl on the planet! I had begged my parents for a baby pretty much from the time I could talk, and just before my 4th birthday my wish came true! Fast forward to the next generation: when my firstborn bookworm became […]