Our Literate Life

Corduroy Birthday Party {Bookish Birthdays}

Toddler Bookworm’s favorite stuffed animal is adorably named “Cordy Roy,” also known as Corduroy. When I suggested having a Corduroy themed birthday party, he was ALL IN.  Even though it was basically a play date with cake and presents, I designed an invitation. For fun 🙂 I included the text […]

Monthly Book Log {January 2018}

January is finally over. Longest month ever. We filled the long, gray days of January with some lovely books, but we are all excited for February! Preschool Bookworm turns 5 next week, a week before Valentine’s Day. I’m preparing a post of favorite 4 year old reads, thanks to the […]

Closet Reading Nook Transformation {Nature Theme}

In a series of oddly related events, including installing a brand new roof on our home, we ended up transforming Preschool Bookworm’s closet into a reading nook as his “big” Christmas gift this year. It was the most magical gift I’ve ever given and based on current stats, likely to […]

Resolving to Read: Tips for Reading More This Year

I’ve entered the golden age of reading. I haven’t read this much since I was nursing my first baby (for approximately 2000 minutes per week. Yes, I tracked it in an app. #typeAmama) Truth be told, I’ve had time in the four years that followed (Baby #1 is about to […]

Monthly Book Log {November & December 2017}

I will always hold dear the memories of snuggling up with 4 year old Preschool Bookworm and reading our first Christmas novels together. We have read piles and piles of Christmas picture books, and this year we were ready for chapters. Tumtum & Nutmeg novels never disappoint, and I was so impressed […]

Last Year’s Gifts We’re Still Using

The elusive gift with staying power. I know I’m always searching for it, so I thought I would share gifts from last year that we’re still using. My bookworms are now about to turn 3 and 5 (in the next week and two months, respectively), so our gifts come in […]

Monthly Book Log Blog {September 2017}

Our log looks lopsided this month. I don’t mind. We’re enjoying so many wonderful stories together. We are in a nighttime routine of reading chapter books together after a picture book or two with little brother. Annd, Preschool Bookworm reads a story TO ME from our delightful All About Reading […]

Nature Pal Exchange- Our Experience & How to Sign Up

Last Fall my bookworms and I participated in a fabulous little program called Nature Pal Exchange. We were paired up with a family across the country, and we each prepared a box full of nature finds from our area and swapped them through the mail. Ever since reading Balanced and […]

Monthly Book Log Blog {August 2017}

This month we primarily worked our way through a book in two formats– audio and hardcover, Tumtum and Nutmeg. We haven’t tried this with a chapter book before, and it worked out reasonably enough. The audiobook was an old school CD, not audible, etc, which meant that each track was […]

Organizing Our Home Library. Again.

It’s been almost a year and a half since I last KonMaried my book collection. A lot can happen in a year and a half. Like, 10 library book sales, half a dozen birthdays and holidays, and rapid maturation of bookworm reading interests. This all added up to a home […]

Cataloging Our Home Library: Why and How

I fully recognize that this post puts me in a whole other category of crazy. Type A librarian run amok. This week I cataloged my (children’s book) home library. I was due for a massive overhaul of our book collection anyhow, so I combined the need to sort and purge […]

Monthly Book Log Blog {July ’17}

Some fun ones this month! We had a few real life tie-ins which both slightly backfired. We listened to Babe the Sheep-Pig on audio before attending our first county 4H fair. After making our rounds at the fair, PB asked if we could go see the sheep-pig show next. If […]

Monthly Book Log Blog {June ’17}

If audiobooks have a “season,” Summer is probably it! No exception around here– we’ve been devouring them this month as Summer break is in full swing. Annnd we’re still in the Magic Treehouse season. #jackandannieallyear Here’s what we’ve read and “read” (aka listened to) this month; Preschool Bookworm is 4y4m, […]