First Year 92% Complete: Monthly Update at 11 Months

When checking out at the grocery store today, the cashier complimented how happy and adorable Baby Bookworm is (no surprise there). Then she asked, “How old is he?” You guys! I answered, “Almost a year”… What?! In a few weeks Baby Bookworm will have traveled all the way around the sun!

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If last month’s theme song was “I’m a Mess,” this month’s is “I Like to Move It” (I sincerely apologize for inevitably putting that song into your head as it has been plaguing me for days). Baby Bookworm is rarely still. He has learned to use the walker, is cruising around using the furniture to balance, learned how to use the trampoline, is working on descending stairs (after setting records on scaling them while my attention was turned for literally .5 seconds), and then today, while standing in aforementioned grocery line, I heard a voice call, “Ma’am, your baby is climbing out of the cart!” Yes, he was strapped in. Somehow he wiggled his way out of the clasped strap. Because sitting stationary is uncalled for. (And this is why he only gets to ride in the cart at Costco when big brother insists that the space next to him is lonely in that oversized cart. Awww. But normally, babywearing for the win!)

We’re taking advantage of mealtimes as our primary reading time. We read about five books per meal while he munches away.  I also read to both boys at various times while they’re playing. Sometimes he shows interest, and often I am just counting on that vocabulary and language exposure in the background.

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We read “lift the flap” books before naptime and bedtime. These are great for increasing interest in reading, as they add an interactive element to each page; they also work on object permanence and fine motor skills needed to turn the flap and reveal the surprise underneath. Our favorites are the DK Peekaboo Touch & Feel books (we bought most of ours at TJ Maxx), especially Baby Says Peekaboo because it includes photographs of babies. We also enjoy Do Cows Meow? by Salina Yoon. Karen Katz is a master in this format as well, and our library’s baby storytime often features one of her titles, for example Where is Baby’s Belly Button?.

An unfortunate milestone this month, one that I am mortified about, was our first destruction of a library book.  Poor Wolfie the Bunny. Such an act of violence. Actually, it sounded more like joy from the next room. But I’m sure he learned his lesson from his first timeout. (I’m not actually that naive. The timeout was for Mama Bookworm.)  Anyhow, a lesson was learned, and I got to use my languishing book mending wizarding skills. I repaired it beautifully and it is 100% able to be read. Also 100% paid for so the library can purchase a brand new one. The mended copy will remain in our home as an object lesson.

And that’s life with Baby Bookworm at the moment! I’ll be back before I can even blink to share our completion of Baby Bookworm’s first year!

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