Fairytale Birthday Party- Fee Fi Fo Fum, So Much Fun!

This was the first year that Preschool Bookworm was old enough to ask for a birthday party. When he realized it was a “thing” that your friends could come to celebrate your birthday, he was pretty excited! I’ve been out of the party planning loop for a while, but I managed to shake off the dust and throw together a fun little playdate party (we celebrated ON his birthday– partying on Tuesday mornings is quite fun, in fact!)

We’ve been reading a lot of folktales and fairytales, and PB is obsessed with wolves (the bigger and badder the better), so I ran with that as my theme. Our invitations:

big bad wolf birthday invitation

For decor, I created pennant banners using photocopied pages from fairytale books: The Three Bears by Byron Barton, Betsy Red Hoodie by Gail Carson Levine, Yummy: Eight Favorite Fairy Tales by Lucy Cousins, and Happy Birthday, Big Bad Wolf by Frank Asch. This took a lot more time than I anticipated (read: longer than one entire naptime!), so I suspect they will make a repeat appearance at some point in the future! I created paper plate pigs and wolves (which was super simple and perhaps balanced out the banner project!). I also incorporated some “stick house” elements by displaying sticks that the bookworms picked up on a recent nature walk and painted (awesome fine motor activity, btw).

fairy tale birthday decor

Welcome to our party!


don't huff and puff door sign

For entertainment, I focused on puppets. I had snagged a puppet theater at a consignment sale about six months ago but it promptly went into the closet until Toddler Bookworm was a little more steady on his feet. This was the perfect opportunity for it to make its debut! Preschool Bookworm and I searched the internet for our favorite pictures of the three pigs, their three houses, and the Big Bad Wolf, and we printed/mounted/popsicle-sticked them to create puppets. We then performed for our friends using Laurie Berkner’s “Lots of Little Pigs” to do the storytelling. (We’ve loved Berkner’s rendition of the tale for a long time now. I shared about it in my intro to audiobooks post here.)

lots of little pigs berkner puppet theater

Next, the kids created paper bag puppets. These were right out of a box— and so adorable!

puppet theater birthday

They also created some brick houses which weren’t as sturdy as the pig’s!  This was PB’s “big” gift from Mama & Daddy Bookworm, Melissa & Doug cardboard blocks.

three pigs brick house building blocks

And, our favors were, of course… fairy tale books for each bookworm!

fairy tale birthday favor books

Happy Birthday, Preschool Bookworm! I can’t wait to share the next year of reading with you!

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