Happy New Year, Readers!

Welcome to 2017! I wanted to thank you, dear readers, for following along on our reading journey this past year! I hope that my words have been of some encouragement to you to bring literacy to the lives of your little ones. I’m grateful for for your support and love as I’ve shared from my heart and shared my darling bookworms with you. As a fun New Year’s Day activity, I logged on and checked my site stats to see which posts were the most viewed over the past year. The top 5 are listed for you below. I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings to our bookworms– what books are memorized, which authors become household names, which series captivate our hearts! Wishing you a literacy rich year!

baby sign language series

5 kinds of books for waiting rooms

traveling bookworms

homeschool preschool

I’d LOVE to hear from you– what posts would you like to see me write in 2017? And what has been most helpful this past year?

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