Loving These Lately: Gems from our Recent Library Visits

This was one of those special weeks: we made TWO library visits this week.

Why yes, we are patrons of two libraries. 🙂 In the town where my husband works, they offer discounted membership to those who work in the township! We use our own town’s library plus his workplace’s town library and enjoy both for their unique offerings.  Sure, we’ve made some monetary donations to the libraries in the form of overdue fees, but not enough to dissuade us from juggling the two. (We have yet to return a book to the wrong library, but I’m sure that’ll come in due time.)


Anyhow, with the abundance of new books we’ve been enjoying I thought I would update you on the newest gems we’ve found:


Construction by Sally Sutton.  A rhyming book with the full gamut of construction vehicles, onomatopoeia and action words, that also celebrates the promise & power of libraries?!  Yes please. As you read, you discover that you’re watching a building being constructed step by step. But what will it turn out to be? 😉 I promply put a hold on Demolition and Roadwork by the same author/illustrator team. I’m not surprised they were all checked out.



please panda

Please, Mr. Panda by Steve Antony.  A subtle book about manners and colors. Mr. Panda offers donuts to a variety of animals, but only the one who asks politely receives a sweet reward. The artwork is simple, in the best possible way.


not mine

That’s (Not) Mine by Anna Kang. The classic struggle. I think everyone with a sibling has acted out the script of this book: “That’s my chair. I was sitting it in before.” “I’m sitting in it now.” Uh huh. The back & forth dialogue lends itself to a fun shared reading. (Daddy Bookworm does a great job playing opposite me.) You Are (Not) Small, featuring the same characters and similar format, wasn’t a favorite of mine, but it did win the 2015 Theodore Seuss Geisel Award.


digger dozer

Digger, Dozer, Dumper by Hope Vestergaard. This may be Preschool Bookworm’s first favorite book of poetry. What a great way to introduce verse and rhyming while enjoying another helping of construction vehicles. The author connects the unique abilities of each truck with the special talents that each child possesses: “Are you quick? Or slow and steady? There’s a truck for you.”  The illustrations are colorful and each page includes an adorable dog to try to spot!

Hope you enjoy these as much as we did! What are your recent favorites? 

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Titles mentioned in this post should be readily available at your local library, or at the Amazon affiliate links provided. 


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