Monthly Book Log Blog {August 2017}

This month we primarily worked our way through a book in two formats– audio and hardcover, Tumtum and Nutmeg. We haven’t tried this with a chapter book before, and it worked out reasonably enough. The audiobook was an old school CD, not audible, etc, which meant that each track was split at 3 minutes of reading. It wasn’t ideal, but we were able to skip through the tracks to catch up to where we had read to in the physical book. And we LOVED the story! I highly recommend it. Although the cover and title seem domestic and less than exciting, it is a fast paced adventure story complete with battle scenes, which my Preschool Bookworm loved. I also loved the message of secret acts of kindness and loving without expecting anything in return. (The book version contains three stories and is a hefty book! We read the first story, 180 pages long (3 hours via audiobook). You can snag the audio of the first book for around $6.


A Crazy Day With Cobras (Magic Tree House series). This was part of an audiobook treasury that I purchased through audible. MTH has captured my Preschool Bookworm with abandon, which I’m sure you can tell if you’ve been reading these monthly logs! This treasurey was a great way to use an audible credit and get my money’s worth– one credit is one credit in audible, regardless of what you buy. This one would have been a $25 purchase without subscription and contains 8 books, a total of 13 hours 23 minutes of reading time!

Read Alouds

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring (Sophie Mouse series) A sweet series for early chapter book readers. Illustrations on every page and a easy to follow plot. We loved the STEAM tie-ins as Sophie and her brother learn about the water cycle, buoyancy as they are tasked to create boats for class, droughts, and more.

The Knight at Dawn (Magic Tree House)

Carnival at Candlelight (Magic Tree House)

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