Naming My Blog: And I Thought Naming My Children Was Hard!

Librarian in the House had an awfully long gestation period. Seriously. I could have birthed an elephant, or maybe a giraffe. The idea of a blog was first a glimmer in my mind when I was pregnant with Baby Bookworm #1 and considering leaving my full time job as an elementary school librarian. I didn’t know what it entailed, but it seemed like a fun idea to keep me immersed in the world of books and literacy. I started a pinterest board called “Dreamin’” (a secret board) and pinned all sorts of things about blogging.

Fast forward 22 months….Finally after the newborn haze of Baby Bookworm #2 passed, I decided to take the idea more seriously. The first step that I read over and over in those posts I had pinned was: Name Your Blog. Eesh! It took us our entire pregnancies to name each of our children, now another “baby” to name! (Baby #2 was affectionately called “Baby Boy” by 3 shifts of nurses at the hospital).

So, FOUR MONTHS after officially deciding to blog, here I am with my very own, meticulously overthought blog name! For fun, here are some of the names that were on my list. (Did you know there are dozens of highly creative bloggers in the world that came up with the same names I laid awake brainstorming or considered in the quiet while gazing down at my little nursling bookworm?)

my writer's notebook

my writer’s notebook

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