Books That Aren’t About the Holidays But Kinda Really Are

Rather than adding to the world another list of recommended Christmas books, I thought I’d share with you some great titles that totally tie in to the holiday season but won’t date themselves on your bookshelf once the festivities have all passed!

not a box

Not a Box by Antoinette Portis.

Have I told you about the day we received my cyber Monday packages? All of them. On the same day. My front stoop for real wasn’t big enough. The kids didn’t need to look twice to know they were receiving early Christmas presents in the form of BOXES. Here’s a fabulous book that celebrates the open ended nature of a cardboard box. Surely it’s not a box in the eyes of a child.


waiting is not easy

Waiting Is Not Easy! by Mo Willems.

It sure isn’t easy to exercise patience. Myself totally included. I am giddy when I think about what lies ahead for our Christmas festivities! This gem from the Elephant & Piggie series reminds us that some things are worth the wait. Even though it isn’t easy. This was among Toddler Bookworm’s favorites in our monthly update at 2.5, in which I describe how we read this series as a family.



The Nuts: Bedtime at the Nut House by Eric Litwin.

Holiday festivities can derail the best of bedtime routines!  Do shouts of “We’re nuts!” and “All little nuts need to go up to bed!” seem like they could fit in at your house? They certainly could around here! Eric Litwin is the author of Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes and this book has a similar feel. Lots of singable repeated phrases and a few dance moves, too! It’s a classic bedtime battle with a few extra nutty puns, and lots of FUN. Check out Litwin’s website for a live retelling of the story complete with the tunes & dance moves. It’s cute!


pete bedtime

Pete the Cat and the Bedtime Blues by Kimberly & James Dean.

For similar bedtime routine antics, check out Pete the Cat’s newest title. You’ll love the solution Pete comes up with to settle his restless sleepover guests: storytime! I wish you all the same success that Pete experiences!



The Quiltmaker’s Gift by Jeff Brumbeau.

This is a beautiful tale about a greedy king who suffers from a bad case of consumerism, and the quiltmaker who refuses to sell him one of her magical quilts, for they are only for those who truly need them. The exciting story brings the message that it’s more fun to give than to receive.


llama mad

Llama Llama Mad at Mama by Anna Dewdney.

I’m sure none of my readers will relate to this story, for I certainly cannot. 😉 Llama doesn’t want to go shopping with mama. Long lines, sensory overstimulation (noise, smelly perfume), waiting, waiting, waiting.  I love the empathy and child centered nature of this story, and how the mother handles her llama child’s in-store tantrum. (We LOVE the early board book Llama books, like Llama Llama Hoppity Hop! This one is a slightly longer variety with a rhyming storyline and is still a solid pick for young toddlers up through preschoolers. The simpler board book offerings are fantastic for the very youngest toddlers and those with even shorter attention spans. See my list of Books for a Two Minute Attention Span for more recommendations of the shorter variety.)

Books mentioned above should be readily available at your local library, or at the Amazon affiliate links provided. 

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