Picture Book Tour: A to Z Don’t Miss These! {Index}

Ever feel intimidated by selecting a book for your bookworm? Find yourself wandering aimlessly through the library? Wish you had a tour guide who had tested those books with REAL kids?

You’ve come to the right place! In this 26 part series (ahh!), I’ll be sharing only the very best titles that I’ve found to be winners with my own children and my students. I’ll be walking you through each shelf of the picture book section with my skilled eye & ears. Get ready to find some new gems for your bookworms!

This series was inspired by my own dream to systematically explore the entire library with my bookworms. (Am I a library geek or what?!)  I want to expose them to the canon of children’s literature, including exciting new titles along with tried & true classics.  I figured that you, my dear readers, might like to come along for the ride! Someone outside of our home ought to benefit from my OCD. ? I’ll be sharing picture books and early reader books most likely found in your library’s “Easy” and “Easy Reader” sections.

picture book tour

Amazing “A” Authors

Brilliant “B” Authors

Creative “C” Authors

Delectable “D” Authors

Excellent “E” Authors

Fabulous “F” Authors