Our Summer Bucket List, Booked Up

I just LOVE bucket lists! Actually, I love all sorts of lists. I imagine no one is shocked by this fact. (A librarian who loves lists?! How can this be?!)

Bucket lists are a special breed. I make them at the start of every season. They’re full of hope, promise, excitement, intention. They help me visualize the fun I want my family to experience before the time slips away. When I sit down with a pretty sheet of stationery and a pen, I prioritize the kinds of experiences I want my kids’ childhoods to be marked by. (My husband and I typically create “couples” and “individuals” lists as well, separate from the family list. Our couples’ list includes watching fireworks, minus kids; my personal list includes relaxing on a pool float, minus kids. A high percentage of those lists may contain the words “minus kids.”)

I keep the lists in my journal, where I know I’ll come across them often to be reminded to keep intentionally scheduling those memories. Lest we fill our free weekends with yet another trip to Costco to wander the aisles, sampling free food and spending $200 on…. um, what did we buy?

summer bucket list for bookworms

This summer I made my Summer Bucket List and got to thinking, “how can I make this summer a touch more literacy rich?” (Read more about my never ending quest for the Literacy Rich Home here.) …Aside from including participating in our library’s summer reading program, of course! Lately I’ve been using the hashtag #readwhatyoulove more and more over on my instagram account. I’ve been working on capturing those natural affinities and interests in my kids and connecting them with literature. You say you love looking at the birds at the bird feeder? Let’s find some native bird books and learn their names. Let’s read some fictional stories that feature bird loving characters (like Fine Feathered Friends: A Mouse & Mole Story).  I try to jot these ideas down in a note on my phone to help my mommy brain when we enter the library doors. “Uhhh. I know there were a bunch of topics we wanted to look up… I just know it.”

And there you have it, my simple tweak for adding literacy to the bucket list: before, after, or during our bucket list adventures, we will pair those experiences with books.

summer bucket list library book

This has enriched our summer already, and we’re only 12 days in! I’m finding the boys are LOVING this as they make connections to the text with ease and re-live their memories or anticipate the fun we’ll have.

bucket list ocean book tie ins

As we check off the boxes of our bucket list, I’ll share our favorite titles related, whether on instagram, facebook, or the blog. Hope to see you there! I would LOVE to hear what books you’ve found to pair with your summer fun! If you’d like a premade Summer Bucket List to inspire you, here’s a PDF of mine. Enjoy!

Books mentioned in this post should be available at your local library, or at the affiliate links provided. 





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