Update: Toddler Bookworm @ 18mo

Somehow the 18 month marker slipped right by me! I think it had something to do with how busy this cutie is:

toddler bookworm

Toddlers get a lot of bad press; while they are challenging, I just adore this stage! He still loses himself in hysterics over peek-a-boo! I can still carry him in the Ergo with ease. He loves routine and actually climbs INTO his crib at bedtime and naptime. He understands everything we say (for better AND for worse!). He shows his joy with his whole body– feet dancing at the sight of his favorite stuffed animal, squeals of delight when we serve guacamole (which he scoops onto a chip like a boss).


And, he is in love with reading. Surprisingly enough, he only recently learned the sign for book… and my oh my does this mama melt when he signs it. He clasps his hands together toward his heart as the grand finale. He begs for storytime routinely, using his sign and frantically gesturing at his favorite titles. He is still an aggressive lap sitter, as I shared in his last update.

His favorite books of the moment are nonfiction. He is obsessed with animals, so we spend a lot of time naming various animals in his books and making their sounds. Many of his favorite titles are those that I included in my post Books for a Two Minute Attention Span.  His top favorite is probably Animal A to Z, which features great photography of some less common animals; it appears to be out of print, but we have the series’ Rainforest on our wishlist. I would be remiss if I failed to mention his love for Pete the Cat, too (he loves searching for the little yellow bird on each page)!toddler bookworm beach bum

Toddler Bookworm is working hard on language. His vocabulary is expanding and becoming clearer, although I find myself “translating” regularly for those who aren’t in his daily life. His sign language vocabulary has been a HUGE asset, and I’m finding myself talking him through his emotions and leaning on signs. “I hear that you are frustrated. You are upset! Use your words and tell mama if you’re hot, or you want to eat, or you want brother to share?” It’s remarkable how consistently he takes my cues to use language to express himself and we avoid meltdowns. (Not foolproof, of course. But any tool I can pull out of my toolbox I will sing the praises of in those moments!) It’s also so much fun seeing which signs he learns quickly, giving us a window into his heart & interests. He picked up ocean and swim within a day of those experiences this summer!  (And each time we buckle into his car seat, he hopefully signs ocean?) You can read all about my love of baby sign language in my 7 part series if you missed it! I’ll stop now. (Once I get started, man!)

The days are long (especially when the smoke detector decides that the middle of naptime is the ideal time to remind me to change the battery). The years are short. I’m working on savoring each day, and each page turn.

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