Vintage Children’s Books: Printable Chart of Titles & Themes

Over the past six months, I have had a BLAST putting together my weekly Throwback Thursday feature! My bookworms have fallen in love with dozens of books that literally generations of kids before them have fallen in love with, too. (We sampled our fair share of books that haven’t aged well in the process as well!) Along the way I’ve shared a variety of reading tips, comprehension strategies, modern “read alikes,” and activities. You can find the directory of all the posts here.

While there are enough vintage titles to keep us going for years, I’ve decided to end Throwback Thursday and turn my attention to some other blogging ideas. I have over a dozen posts in my Drafts bin and can’t wait to share them with you! I am hoping to better inspire you, my readers, with practical tips and ideas for navigating the world of reading with your bookworms.

While you’re waiting, I’ve created a printable chart of 22 books I’ve featured in the past. I’ve included a column of the skills, reading/comprehension strategies, and themes you’ll find in each. They’re listed in alphabetical order by author, to make for easy searching of your library’s shelves! I hope you’ll find yourself adding lots of check marks to the final column: “We Read It!” 🙂

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vintage kids' books printable list


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