Action Rhymes: There’s More to Literacy than Books

A friend was asking about the action rhymes I mentioned on the blog. To which I said, “When did I talk about them?!” I’ve officially been blogging long enough that I’ve forgotten what I’ve written in the past. Actually, that milestone probably came a looong time ago (see also: mommy brain).

Ah, yes. In my Striving for the Literacy-Rich Home post, published a year and a half ago (how can this be?):

I realize that there’s more to literacy than books. (Gasp!) Books may take the forefront in my own home as Librarian in the House, but we also enjoy storytelling, finger plays, action rhymes, and music.  I have 3×5 spiral bound index cards with our favorite finger plays, action rhymes, and song titles recorded to jog my memory. I often grab that right after a diaper change as body rhymes lend themselves nicely to that time.

In case anyone has been on the edge of their seat the past 18 months, wondering what those action rhymes are, I thought I would share them! Ha! These are part of our family culture at this point. The boys can recite them, and I really love the closeness they encourage. I’ve collected my favorites in aforementioned bound index card pack and add to them when I hear or read a new nugget.

Action rhymes develop early phonological awareness through word play, increase vocabulary, and teach rhythm, sequencing, and syllables. They bring a lot of bang for the buck! But mostly, they’re fun! Watching my babies and toddlers wiggle in anticipation and sequel in delight during favorite action rhymes never gets old! It’s great to have a trick up my sleeve during unpleasant times– unexpected wait time, cleaning faces, applying sunscreen, getting unfocused wiggly kids dressed…

I’ve created 3.5×5 cards for you of our top favorites! I hope you enjoy them!

Do you have a favorite action rhyme? I’d love to hear! Connect with me on the blog facebook page or in the comments below.

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