Monthly Update: Baby Bookworm Hits Double Digits

asher 10 mo cover

As I’m following along with Baby Bookworm’s developmental stages in the book The Wonder Weeks I couldn’t help but chuckle: “Some mothers notice that their babies are more naughty than they used to be. It may seem your baby does everything that he is not allowed to do” and “Babies are natural mess makers. During the last leap in your baby’s mental development, this talent probably seemed at its peak. You may have marveled at your baby’s knack for destruction as he disassembled, tossed around, and squished everything in his path.” Ummmm….. YES! In fact, Preschool Bookworm sings the Laurie Berker Band’s song “I’m a Mess” to him multiple times per day.

asher mess


Ten months is an exhausting time period, what with keeping him from eminent danger which is all around us (staircases! electrical cords! big brother’s choking hazards toys!). I’ve just started to realize we’re at the stage where we need to start parenting him; he knows what “no” means now.


BUT, it’s also an adorable time period we’re in. Baby Bookworm LOVES life. He just can’t get enough of it! He wants to explore, loves to laugh, and shows his obvious pleasure of the simplest things. He shrieks with joy when sitting in front of the heating register (yup, our heater is already running on some cold mornings!). AND… he has learned to turn book pages, so he loves showing off the new skill and finds great delight in revealing the pictures on each page.

10mo books

We often read at mealtimes (always at lunch). Baby Bookworm is entranced by the book Hiccupotamus by Steve Smallman right now. (Actually both he and big brother are!) It has bold, colorful animal illustrations, and the storyline includes a song that makes him light up and giggle every time. So cute.

His favorite board book at the moment is First Words by Roger Priddy. This was given to Preschool Bookworm at his baby shower by a wise friend with older bookworms. It was a perennial favorite of Preschool Bookworm when he was the age Baby Bookworm is now, and it has become a favorite of my nephew (14 months) as well! A small sample size, but I wager it has broad appeal due to its easy to turn pages, uncluttered pages, and bright photos. My nephew has the bilingual Spanish version.

Double digits is double the fun!

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