Monthly Book Log {November & December 2017}

I will always hold dear the memories of snuggling up with 4 year old Preschool Bookworm and reading our first Christmas novels together. We have read piles and piles of Christmas picture books, and this year we were ready for chapters. Tumtum & Nutmeg novels never disappoint, and I was so impressed […]

Cracking The Nutcracker: What We’re Reading Before We Watch

Confession: I’ve never been to a performance of The Nutcracker! Since Preschool Bookworm is such a fan of the orchestra, I thought we’d give The Nutcracker ballet a shot this year. We’ve been listening to Tchaikovsky’s music, and it’s become familiar enough that PB now has favorite songs from the […]

Our Advent Plans- This Year & Next

Yes, I’m already planning for NEXT Christmas. Well, sorta. What happened was… in researching (er, falling down the rabbit hole) for this year’s Advent/Christmas season, I came across so many wonderful things that a.) overwhelmed me, and b.) my kids aren’t quite old enough for. So, I decided to gather […]

Christmas Books for a Two Minute Attention Span

Combine my high standards with Toddler Bookworm’s attention span, and you know the books that make our cut are pretty unique! When it comes to holiday books (Christmas or any other), I have little patience for books that seem like a marketing ploy. Regardless of the season, I look for […]

Our Favorite Easter Books That Aren’t About Bunnies

I’ll begin by saying that I have nothing against the Easter bunny. But, my is it a tall order to find Easter books that are about Jesus! I’ve had my own Easter hunt the last few weeks, including maxing out the quota for inter-library loans! It’s my mission to share […]

Share the LOVE of Reading: Valentine’s Day Bookmark FREE Printable

My bookworms and I were invited to a toddler Valentine’s Day party at a friend’s home today. It was adorable and chaotic. Preschool Bookworm was the oldest as a brand new three year old, and there were NINE kiddos in attendance. The emotional highs and lows were epic, as is […]